About Downes Forest Products

The Soil & Delivery Specialists:

Downes Forest Products LLC is not your average topsoil company. We are the top soil company and we specialize in delivering and installing soil, aggregates & mulch to commercial services in bulk to places where there is no access or where speed and efficiency is required. For instance; 300cubic yards of topsoil and drainage aggregate 10 stories up on a building rooftop in Philadelphia to create an eco-friendly Green Rooftop, or to a special exhibit smack in the middle of NYC that has us working with contractors, engineers and city officials to get the client the solution they need, all while lessening impact to the property itself, the surrounding area and businesses that suffer from lost business typically from blocked & rerouted traffic and no parking.

Our Capabilities:

Downes experience and fleet of blower trucks and support equipment allows us to deliver bulk soils in very efficient timeframes. We use Pneumatic blower trucks that allow us to essentially spray dirt, aggregate & mulch directly from the supply truck directly to the application site. This specialized equipment uses low-pressure, high-volume air giving us the ability to spray dry aggregate up to 500yards or up 30 floors. We also have a fleet of supply trucks including 3 long haul tractor-trailers and 5 straight tucks giving us the capabilities to carry tremendous yards of materials at any time.

A Trusted Business:

Who are you going to call when you need to bring to life a 42 foot high, half-dog, half dinosaur in NYC? The sculpture called “Split Rocker” by world famous artist Jeff Koons was a special art installation featured at Rockefeller Center NYC in 2014. This project required 250 tons of soil to be pumped into the cavities of this structure and 50,000 flowers to create this living wall of flowers to completely transform this metal structure into a colorful – living piece of art. Downes was the company chosen for its experience and ability to handle the logistics of projects of this magnitude.

The Benefits:

The benefits that Downes Forest Products offers include experience to make sure the job is going to be done right using highly trained personnel. The project is going to be handled very efficiently and save time because we have the capabilities to both transport large amounts of aggregate and install at rates not possible without our specialized equipment. The business at the jobsite and those surrounding it that might be affected because of staging of deliveries or the need to have on-hand large machines to distribute materials around a jobsite are minimized because we can pump aggregate & topsoil at high rates directly from the supply tuck via pipe directly to installed in one step. And since the materials are installed directly without the need for skid loaders and dump trucks that leave tracks and tear up grass, the final result is a better solution offered by Downes.

Our Customers:

Most of Downes customers consist of contracting firms, corporate, or enterprises like hotels and casinos. We also work with Engineer & Architectural firms for services like Green Rooftop’s and erosion mitigation. Some of customers include The Jacob Javits Center in NYC, Revel Casino, Atlantic City NJ and Valley Crest Landscaping

What this all Means to You:

When you hire Downes Forest Products, you can have the piece of mind of knowing that your project will be done right, delivered on-time and on budget.

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