Soil & Aggregate


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Bulk Mulch & Topsoil

Downes Forest Products offers landscapers and contractors an economical and time saving alternative to traditional methods of installing bulk mulch and bulk topsoil. Our Express Blower Truck service spreads a variety of landscaping mulch and organic materials with ease, quickly and efficiently applying ground cover over large areas, even in the most hard to reach locations.

Why rely on a costly crew of workers, when our trained operators can give you professional results in a fraction of the time at substantial cost savings?

The pneumatic blower system allows for the application of soil, compost or mulch in bulk to be carefully controlled, providing a light flow around delicate plants and trees and a maximum flow for efficient coverage of wide-open spaces. The result is a uniform layer of landscape materials that further reduces costs by eliminating waste. The Blower Truck application can save as much as 25% in material cost.

Playground Mulch

Downes Forest Products offers a turnkey service in topping your playgrounds off. Our material is a engineered wood fiber that is certified for the most stringent requirements. We can quickly distribute any amount of material to the play area as need. By using only a hose to install the material we can minimize the disruption to the park or play area.